Dunster | Somerset

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I’m just going to say it:


This world opened up to me first in Cornwall back in October of last year. And I just can’t seem to go to the south of England without having one!

Cream tea is a delicious grouping of a warm scone, clotted cream, and jam (strawberry is my favourite). I put my cream on first before my jam – apparently that is how they do it in Dorset! The Cornish do it the other way around.

Well our trip to Dunster in Somerset was just for the lovely stuff – and a walk around of course! We arrived too late in the day to go to Dunster Castle, but the shops and cute houses were worth seeing.

Thank you to my lovely friends for such a great time! X

Exmoor | Somerset

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This past (long!) weekend, Ben and I were invited to join two good friends back at their family home near Minehead in Exmoor National Park. Being in my favourite county, how could we say no? We set off on the Thursday night ahead of the traffic to the beautiful country home of Jake’s aunt – a stunning 20 acres of nothing but rolling fields and woodlands, surrounded by much more of the same.

We spent our days on walks, at the beach, or exploring nearby towns. Our friend’s gran had us over for afternoon tea complete with homemade brownies and fruit cake – it was wonderful (so English!).

At night we would settle in for a big feast with 14 of us in total. We had an amazing time!

Best of all, the country home the aunt owned had all sorts of animals. Dogs, chickens, roosters, cows, horses… Ben and I got an insight to farm life.

I absolutely love Somerset. I always have the best time there and the countryside is the most dynamic and stunning in England (that’s my opinion anyways!). X

Corfe Castle | Dorset

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I don’t know about you – but I love old ruins. They leave so much to the imagination. How tall the structures might have been, what it was like to live inside the great stone keep, what life must have been like for the peasants who traded goods on the old bailey.

While in Dorset, Ben and I visited Corfe Castle for a day. What a beautiful site! It was built by William the Conqueror on the top of a tall hill for defence purposes. You can imagine how difficult a place like it was to attack – I for one would never make it up the hill generally – not least as an enemy with arrows raining down from above.

I could so sit here on some grassy knolls and write a story about another time…

Well worth a visit :) we had a fantastic time! So interesting! X

Swanage & the Jurassic Coast

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This past Monday and Tuesday, Ben and I spent a short part of our holiday in Dorset! I had never been to Dorset before, yet had heard many great things. A friend and old work colleague of mine has a family home there, and always use to tell me: “You must visit Durdle Door!”

Well Katrina dear – we have!

Ben and I had a fantastic time exploring the old town of Swanage ‘our way’ (coffee, papers, and cake) during the bad weather. Raining cats and dogs, it was! The cakes at Love Cake were lovely – I had a Dorset cream tea while Ben had a mocha with an apple cake. Delicious!

We then headed to Durdle Door (a place I had on my England bucket list) amidst heavy fog and rain. What a miserable day – we were telling each other. But this is what I love about the British – we/they have a great attitude about bad weather. Rain or shine, they will be outdoors anyways!

We arrived in thick fog to the parking lot. Nearly empty and winds so strong you couldn’t hear the other person speak! But we persevered. When would we return to Dorset? This was a golden opportunity. We travelled on.

And shortly after a descent to the coast, the fog lifted above our heads and clear skies followed us on our hike. We lucked out!

So – here are our photos! :) I highly recommend it! X


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To celebrate Ben and my 4 year anniversary (4 years!), we headed up north to spend a sunny Saturday in Cambridge. It was a beautiful day! The sun was shining and it was actually warm! After Ben’s surprise massage, we wandered around the town for 4 hours, meandering around the river Cam and having a lovely pub lunch in the sunshine.

When we headed back home, I cooked a wonderful three course meal – starting with manchego and blackberries. Delicious! For the main I served up grilled halibut with mango salsa, and a chickpea and parsley salad. Ben and I have a massive sweet tooth, so the night wasn’t complete without some sticky toffee pudding!

We had a lovely day – and who could beat the sunshine! Thank you England!


EuroShop 2014

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Last week my colleague (and good friend) and I headed to Dusseldorf to represent the company at EuroShop. We had only one day to go around the various sites, targeting the big name stands such as Phillips and Visplay and walking aimlessly around others.

We were amazed at not only the products or services on show, but the amount of time and money spent on all the various stands! They were ginormous! Some of the contractors rands even had food and interactive events (one guy got his hair cut!). We were stunned.

It was a short trip- but so worth while! Even if just for the bratwurst we got to bring back for the studio. (Your welcome!) x

Frankfurt, Germany

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This weekend, my friend and I were flown out to Germany for work. The result – 6 hours with her family friend being shown about Frankfurt!

While it is not a beautiful city in any aspect (most of the city was destroyed in the war) we still had a great time. I speak absolutely no German (could only say please and thank you – and gutentag!) so I felt pretty helpless most of the time. My attempt at trying to pronounce strabe was appalling.

But having a German guide was great. We ate a massive German breakfast before walking around the city centre – ending with a glass of apple wine and apple strudel. Delicious!

Next time I think I’ll head up north to Berlin or Hamburg – he recommended them as better towns aesthetically. But my short time there definitely made me want to see more of Germany! X

Burns Night

Tonight we celebrated Burns Night in the office – as two of my bosses are Scottish! We had haggis, scotch eggs (not really Scottish), Jura whisky, and bagpipes. Each of us had to wear a form of tartan (I had on my Burberry scarf!). Overall a lovely evening with great food! X

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Away to Birmingham

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Wow what a stressful few weeks! Ever since we got back from our lovely Christmas holiday it has been nothing but go go go… First with work, and now with the new property Ben is buying! Will we ever get a break?!

We both decided we needed some time away from all of this madness – so we embarked on a trip back up to Ben’s family home for some relaxing. I think it helped! X