A Different Kind of Sushi


My partner and I went to the greatest new place in London for a bite to eat this weekend. It’s called Yoobi Sushi. They are London’s first Temakeria sushi place, which is basically your sushi wrapped in a crispy seaweed shell. It comes out looking like a beautiful ice cream cone… But filled with sushi of course!

Yoobi has a simple menu, but each of their cones are delicious. I had two: asparagus and avocado and the wasabi tuna. Yum! The asparagus and avocado was beautiful in makeup, and the wasabi tuna had all the kick. They are a great price, ranging from £3.20 to £4 each, and are especially great for people on the go since they are meant to be hand held. Ben also loved them. He had the salmon and the tuna tartar. We will definitely be back.

Another thing to note about the place is the design, completed by ICO Design in London. The graphics and branding is really well done, and even my non-designer boyfriend loved the way the menu was laid out and colour coded. I loved the idea of the facets and angles of the cone being brought alive in not only the main counter but on the woodwork as well. The brass detailing in the wood that leads to the lights deserves an award… It is beautifully done and really adds that layer that makes the place special. Ben also loved the bathrooms. I didn’t go see them, but I’ll take his word for it!

Check out Yoobi on their website or follow them on twitter!

Or… Just go visit them in Soho. 🙂

See more photos here


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