What If?

If you could be any nationality other than your own, which would you choose?


Me :: French

The language is beautiful. You could be telling someone the meanest or rudest thing in the world and it still sounds like a love note. The French women are on the ball…. Smartly dressed, proper, filled with poise and perfection that has been admired by the world generation after generation. The country, for being so small, has so much to offer: beaches, wine country, skiing, small culture towns, and a fashion heart of the world. The French lifestyle as well seems one of classic simplicity, where everything is done to perfection and everyone still gets their 8+ hours of sleep at night. Plus the food is just amazing. And yet the people are so fit and healthy! (have I made my point yet? I could go on…)


Ben :: Dutch

Why not try something different. They seem like cool people.

Links 1 & 2


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