Camden | London




As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I headed onto Camden Town on Saturday to enjoy one of my favourite places in London – Yumchaa Tea House. I love their unique selection of herbal teas! They have each of the loose leaf blends sitting out on their counter top, and invite you to pick your choice by smelling the varieties. That day I chose a sweet green tea blend called Regents Park. It is absolutely lovely! I saw that they also sell some of their unique blends in packs… If this was one of them it would have been purchased right then and there.

I just love the atmosphere of this place. The storefront is unchanged from its previous tenant Palmers, and the interiors are the best sort of ‘shabby chic.’ Wallpaper is mismatched, skirting is butt jointed together, walls are left in a crabby white paint, and the furniture is an eclectic mix of things found out of old ladies apartments. But it all works so well together! Its a refreshingly unique blend of design that is very Camden.

I use to come here a lot to work on papers when I studied in London more than 2 and a half years ago. It still has the same charm as before. 🙂



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