Barrington Court | Somerset



I had the most wonderful weekend with Ben’s family! We were totally isolated in our Somerset cottage, and I must say it was a delight to not be contacted for the long weekend. We stayed here on Barrington Court’s estate, now owned by the National Trust. It was the most astonishing grounds, and even more amazing house. The majority of the architectural details are original, dating back to the early 1600s.

One surprise delight was a small choral concert in the local town of Shepton Beauchamp. It was a great concert to unbelievable standard. And it had the most wonderful village folk that you could never encounter elsewhere! One even came up to Ben and I to introduce us to the village – how sweet!






3 thoughts on “Barrington Court | Somerset

  1. paffypotter says:

    Great photos, I love your depth of field shots, they’ve picked out the details brilliantly. National Trust properties are great places to explore with your camera. How have you edited your pictures, are you using a specific piece of software?

    • sciroli says:

      Hi! Thank you 🙂 The National Trust is great isn’t it? Everyone should join and discover all it has to offer. I didn’t do anything fancy with the photos really, just simple manipulation with Instagram on the iPhone. Would love to get a nice camera one day though – so of you have any recommendations (or what do you use?) I would love to hear! X

      • paffypotter says:

        Hi, I add a little bit to my blog about the camera i use; it’s a Canon EOS 600D,absolutely amazing. My partner has the Canon EOS 1100 which is a bit cheaper but seems just as good for the level we’re working at!

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