What if?

If you could only pack three items on your holiday, which would you take?

I love these types of questions. They really make you think minimally, and the minimalist is always the best at packing! But if you could only take three items of your possession with you, which would you take? (not including money, generic clothes, or any boring category like that)


The first thing I would take is my facial moisturizer. Half the time I don’t even feel like I need make up after I put this on. It is like feeding water to your face. Literally!


The second thing I would pack is my favourite pair of heels. Currently, it would be my tall stiletto boots, similar to these by Aldo.


Third, I would take something sentimental. For our first Christmas together, my boyfriend hand wrote a journal for me with all of our online emails to one another. He enclosed it with a note of how it really reminded him of the times we went through, looking back to the beginning of our long distance relationship. I love it and i have kept it close to me ever since. Especially if he want with me, I must have this book! (the photo above isn’t ours but reminds me of it)

What would you take along? X

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