I Am Thankful For…





1) My loving boyfriend

For putting up with me, for being there when I needed it most, for being my support and my courage, and for just being so stinkin’ cute!

2) My loving mother

For also putting up with me, and for encouraging me to follow my dreams even though they have led me so far from home!

3) My visa

I cannot thank the UK government enough for granting one of the biggest wishes of my life and giving me my visa!

4) Ben’s Family and Friends

For being so accepting to me, this quirky American expat! I love each and every one of them.

5) My Work and Colleagues

For also being so wonderful and accepting 🙂 And of course giving me my job!

And last but certainly not least:

6) God

For making my greatest wishes so far in my life come true. For my good health, and for giving me all of the blessings I have listed above!

What are you thankful for? X


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