Dreaming of Cinque Terre


Have you ever had a place you dreamed to be?  Like it was calling your name in the wind?  Well, to be completely honest, that place is and will always be London for me, but I am currently hearing another small voice in these gusty winter winds.  And this one sounds much more foreign (and Italian!)

I have been dreaming of visiting Cinque Terre ever since I saw the photo above on a random Google search.  It looks so picturesque!  Look at the coloured buildings, the coastal cliff, the blue Mediterranean Sea.. and can’t you just smell the pasta and olives?  And not to mention the wine??

I have begged Ben to join me on this quest but alas – not this year.  Instead we have another scenic island in mind (big reveal to come later!)

But Cinque Terre has beckoned to me yet again.  This morning while innocently browsing through one of my favourite travel sites, I came across this link.  For all of you people looking to live your own version of Eat, Pray, Love, look no further!  I am dying to reply ‘yes’.  I am enticed by the promise of new friends, learning how to cook Italian food, tasting new wines, exploring the cliffside parks, and feeling some fresh sea air in my hair and around my ankles.

Perhaps next time Cinque Terre… x


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