London Garden Oasis







Ben and I have been looking to buy a house recently. Such a daunting task! After going through lists of priorities for both of us, the one thing that we both wanted was outdoor space.  The difference?  What type – I wanted a balcony (usable in rain and snow, no mowing) and Ben was keen on the garden. With both of us also wanting a dog in a few years, we feel the garden is the way to go.  But how should we landscape it? Small London gardens are not big enough to justify the cost of a lawn mower (plus where do we store it?!) But I think with some unique landscaping tricks, we could find a happy medium and a great outdoor oasis.

Here’s some inspiration for just that 🙂 X

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2 thoughts on “London Garden Oasis

  1. Dash says:

    Love the window boxes along the shed – what a clever idea! We have lots of multi-level ceramic planters that we use for strawberries, it works surprisingly well and they don’t take up anywhere near as much space as a traditional strawberry patch.

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