Stari Grad | Hvar Island













We had such a fabulous time in Croatia!  We stayed in a lovely old town called Stari Grad on Hvar Island.  Every day was sunny and warm, and we would go to the beach with a packed lunch only to come back for a communal dinner in our town villa!  A week went by too quickly, and I wish I was still there. (Not least as the weather back home in the UK has been rubbish.)  But here are my highlights/tips in case you should venture that way!

1) Rent a boat.

We had a fabulous adventure with a small putter of a boat.  Besides accidentally driving it into the rocks (which is quite a laugh now, though was not at the time!) we were able to explore the coast like you could not on foot.  We were absolutely spoiled with clear water all to ourselves.

2) Carpe Diem beach off of Hvar Town.

This tiny island was my absolutely favourite part of our trip – a small taxi boat took us from the Hvar Town harbour to the beach.  It is very accepting to nudity, so that was a bit of an adjustment for us, but it was such a quiet delightful place.  The water was clear and calm, and they had a hammock area that both Ben and I had naps in (so comfortable!).

3) Walks by the Harbour.

Most nights we took our wine glasses and walked along side Stari Grad’s harbour – admiring the boats, sail boats, and large yachts that would call to port.  It was a lovely way to spend an evening.

Overall I had a fabulous time and would go back again!  I am so looking forward to my next holiday! x


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