12 Hours in Paris

20131130-013241 PM.jpg

20131130-013220 PM.jpg

20131130-013253 PM.jpg

20131130-013232 PM.jpg

20131130-013308 PM.jpg

20131130-013441 PM.jpg

20131130-013212 PM.jpg

12 hours in France – Paris to be exact. What a whirlwind! A place as vast and beautiful as Paris deserves more then a mere few hours to discover… However, that is all we had on this cold Friday in November.

The Seine was rapid and churning, not unlike the Thames this time of year. And the skies were cloudy and yes, it did rain. But it was a lovely time filled with so much food my colleagues nearly rolled each other out of the EuroStar at the end of the trip (including myself!)

We had an incredible lunch at the place pictured above – where we ate escargot, chestnut soup, fresh fish, and chocolate tarts. Plus devine cheese puff pastries that I desperately wanted to take home.

I took home other French cheese instead.

We walked around the city stopping at the great home store Merci and grabbing fresh cheese and baguettes to take back to England. By the time we got back on the train, we were exhausted but well fed.

Did I mention I got to practice my French and was understood!

I will be returning very soon (if only just to practice my French further!) x


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