Frankfurt | Germany

20140217-105555 PM.jpg

20140217-105547 PM.jpg

20140217-105617 PM.jpg

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20140217-105625 PM.jpg

This weekend, my friend and I were flown out to Germany for work. The result – 6 hours with her family friend being shown about Frankfurt!

While it is not a beautiful city in any aspect (most of the city was destroyed in the war) we still had a great time. I speak absolutely no German (could only say please and thank you – and gutentag!) so I felt pretty helpless most of the time. My attempt at trying to pronounce strabe was appalling.

But having a German guide was great. We ate a massive German breakfast before walking around the city centre – ending with a glass of apple wine and apple strudel. Delicious!

Next time I think I’ll head up north to Berlin or Hamburg – he recommended them as better towns aesthetically. But my short time there definitely made me want to see more of Germany! X


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