Swanage & the Jurassic Coast

20140408-093008 PM.jpg

20140408-092917 PM.jpg

20140408-092959 PM.jpg

20140408-092929 PM.jpg

20140408-092942 PM.jpg

20140408-092908 PM.jpg

20140408-092951 PM.jpg

20140408-093019 PM.jpg

This past Monday and Tuesday, Ben and I spent a short part of our holiday in Dorset! I had never been to Dorset before, yet had heard many great things. A friend and old work colleague of mine has a family home there, and always use to tell me: “You must visit Durdle Door!”

Well Katrina dear – we have!

Ben and I had a fantastic time exploring the old town of Swanage ‘our way’ (coffee, papers, and cake) during the bad weather. Raining cats and dogs, it was! The cakes at Love Cake were lovely – I had a Dorset cream tea while Ben had a mocha with an apple cake. Delicious!

We then headed to Durdle Door (a place I had on my England bucket list) amidst heavy fog and rain. What a miserable day – we were telling each other. But this is what I love about the British – we/they have a great attitude about bad weather. Rain or shine, they will be outdoors anyways!

We arrived in thick fog to the parking lot. Nearly empty and winds so strong you couldn’t hear the other person speak! But we persevered. When would we return to Dorset? This was a golden opportunity. We travelled on.

And shortly after a descent to the coast, the fog lifted above our heads and clear skies followed us on our hike. We lucked out!

So – here are our photos! 🙂 I highly recommend it! X


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