Corfe Castle | Dorset

20140408-095356 PM.jpg

20140408-095114 PM.jpg

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20140408-095055 PM.jpg

20140408-095035 PM.jpg

20140408-095105 PM.jpg

I don’t know about you – but I love old ruins. They leave so much to the imagination. How tall the structures might have been, what it was like to live inside the great stone keep, what life must have been like for the peasants who traded goods on the old bailey.

While in Dorset, Ben and I visited Corfe Castle for a day. What a beautiful site! It was built by William the Conqueror on the top of a tall hill for defence purposes. You can imagine how difficult a place like it was to attack – I for one would never make it up the hill generally – not least as an enemy with arrows raining down from above.

I could so sit here on some grassy knolls and write a story about another time…

Well worth a visit 🙂 we had a fantastic time! So interesting! X


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