Paris | France

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Paris for four days. How much can you really see and experience in a city like Paris in only four days?! The task seems daunting.

Yet I think we did it.

Firstly, I’d like to strongly advise to go to Paris (or any city for that matter) and skip the hotels. Skip the hostels. Go for AirBnb. Seriously. This was my first time booking my accommodation through this system and it did not disappoint. I have never felt so looked after, stayed in a more convenient location, or felt more apart of the atmosphere than I did using this system. I stayed in the cutest Parisian apartment near Pigalle metro station in Montmartre. I LOVED the creaky steps and hard wood floors, the tall French windows, the tiny spaces, and the magnificent scenery you can only get from staying with other people. I felt like I lived Paris – not just visited it.

Secondly – WALK EVERYWHERE. I realised this while living in London. The tube distracts you from the beauty of the city and its life – and on the tube you don’t realise how small a distance there really is between stations above ground. Walk. Walk. Walk.

Thirdly – Eat and drink. Not always at the bistros and cafes. One of my favourite memories of Paris with my mom was getting a small hand pizza to go and sitting on the stone walls overlooking the Seine, underneath Notre Dame. Cost us €3. Throw in a to go wine and your in heaven.

Fourth – speak to everyone you can and be gracious. I was once given the advice that you should always know four phrases in every language: hello, please, thank you, and goodbye. It says I am in your country and am trying to speak your country’s language. If you don’t, it’s more like saying my country is superior. And it’s not.

Finally, lastly, buy souvenirs that are not from tatty tourist shops (well, at least one anyways!). I brought home an adorable table runner from the cute design store Cosi Loti. It makes me feel like I brought Paris home with me so much more than the Paris plastic tray from the tourist shop (I couldn’t resist!).

We had an amazing time in Paris. I would go back in a heartbeat. X


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