Venice | Italy

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This past weekend, Ben and I had the privilege of being flown out to Venice to visit my family. My dad and my sisters were in Italy for the last 10 days, and it was our opportunity to see them. First time in over a year!

We landed in glorious sunshine and HEAT! Oh the heat was fabulous. We sat down in an outdoor cafe for some pizza margarita and wine not more than 20 minutes after we arrived. Welcome to Italy!

We had a wonderful time walking around the city. We explored the palace, piazza San Marco, and wandered aimlessly around the streets. Much wine and pasta was consumed.

Overall Venice was a beautiful city. It was so romantic and charming – every where you turned were small canal ways and winding pedestrian paths. I loved how the water was everywhere! And so blue!

I think next time I go I would like to see more of the islands – and perhaps take a ride on the vaporetto. I would have loved being on the water. X


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