Coggeshall | Essex

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Last weekend we had STUNNING weather once again! I tell you – 78F (24C) degrees is a beautiful thing in England, and it does not come around often!

My first day of sun worshiping happened on our patio – where I stayed out for nearly 5 hours without sunscreen and burnt my shoulders, arms, and back quite significantly. I don’t regret a moment of it.

But for Day 2 – our Sunday – Ben was keen to go out and about. So we decided to head over to the cute village of Coggeshall in Essex for a wander and some National Trust action.

What a beautiful old town! I love the architecture of the high street – and all the flowers! Peonies, English roses and more all over the pubs, church yard, and houses.

We went for a cheeky mid-day pint at the 14th century Woolpack Inn – which had ornate little bars and a patio filled with sun and flowers.

Highly recommend for a stroll on a sunny day – and the people we met were lovely and so friendly! X


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