Rye | Sussex

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Ben and I headed off to Rye at the weekend for a friend’s wedding. I had heard little to nothing about Rye before that day – but when I came to work Friday and said where I was going that evening, everyone pipped up to say something. ‘Oh Rye is beautiful!’ ‘There’s a lovely old pub there…’ ‘Go down to this beach on the Sunday…’

Well folks – Rye has now made my top three towns of England.

It is a stunning town on a hill and very well serviced by a ton of small independent stores and coffee shops. It has a number of adorable B&Bs and pubs that still have accommodation above. The charm of the cobbled streets (stunning to look at, rough to walk on) and the old houses that looked like they had remained untouched since the 14th century truly took my breath away.

Let me just say that any moment I could steal away from the wedding and all it’s wonderful festivities, I was walking around this town taking photos and enjoying the sunshine.

We stayed at the old and haunted Mermaid Inn which is the most Old English place I have ever stepped foot in. Just to get to the room was a maze of going under low beams and passageways and twisting around old staircases. You can visit the bar area and restaurant if your not staying, and I recommend it just to see the interiors of this old English maze.

The wedding was held at the much more modern George Inn – which had a much more upscale charm.

I wandered around for breakfast one morning and stumbled upon the Apothecary Coffee House which is a charming venue with retro looking baristas and amazing looking cakes. They had soya milk (which is always a plus for me) and I had a simple croissant for a total of what you would pay for a small latte in London.

I love this town. With the seagulls cackling away as a sign of the sea being near, it would be a perfect holiday place, even for families. X


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