The Lot Valley | France

20140820-074746 am-28066140.jpg

20140820-074748 am-28068163.jpg

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20140820-074915 am-28155208.jpg

20140820-074943 am-28183723.jpg

20140820-074945 am-28185890.jpg

Last week I spent an unbelievable week in the Lot Valley in France. Surrounded by wine country and fields of sunflowers, I joined Ben and his family for a wonderful week of relaxing and exploring the neighbouring towns.

The weather wasn’t the greatest – and I certainly didn’t pack for it – but with that aside the wine and the scenery were to die for. I arrived on the Saturday, keen to practice my French I had been studying for some weeks prior, and was immediately hit by the presence of sunflower fields. It is the one thing I will take away from the trip – the site of them on that sunny Saturday.

We explored neighbouring towns of Duraval, Puy L’évêque, Cahors, Belaye, and others. Spectacular view across the valley awaited us at every turn.

On both my flights I met so many lovely older English couples who had bought property in the area. They loved it and the small, nondescript airport spoke volumes about the quiet areas that surrounded. What a lovely part of the world to experience!


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