My London Birthday

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I had the most exciting Sunday this past week – it was my birthday! I know some people might not feel like their birthdays are a big deal, but I always feel like that day is super special to me.

We returned from France on the Saturday, and this was my one day between the holiday am starting back at work. I thought Ben and I could spend it quietly at home in Bishops Stortford – maybe going to a nice brunch and spending the remainder of the day in the sunshine.

Little did I know he had something entirely different up his sleeve!

We boarded our train into London Liverpool Street around 11am, after a morning of coffee and bagels (yum!!) I thought – are we going to the Southbank? Shoreditch? Islington? Is he just teasing me and we are only going to the next town down the line?

I followed him all the way to Canary Wharf, where we got off of the DLR and walked to the Museum of London. First order of the day was to see the exhibition on slavery and sugar import in the docklands. It’s fascinating, and takes you through London’s history up until preset day- including a life size model of what the city would have looked like in the 17/1800s! Highly recommend it.

Afterwards, we took a lovely walk through the new part of the city (which reminds me of New York really..) and ‘stumbled’ upon the Thames Clipper! I had never been on the Thames before for anything – and so we boarded heading towards the older part of the city. We cruised past the Docklands and under Tower Bridge which was AMAZING to see at that angle, and disembarked at Embankment. Next on our plan for the day: Gordon’s Wine Bar!

I ADORE this wine bar. It was the location for Ben and my first date, and has been the scene of many of my meet ups with friends since. They serve my favourite bottle of red wine in the world – Chianti Conti Serristori. Adore. Adore. Adore.

With this and a bite to eat at the best place to grab a Bratwurst hot dog (Herman ze German), we walked across our bridge to the SouthBank. The last thing we were going to do today, Ben told me, was watch Antony and Cleopatra at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

I had the most amazing birthday. Ending the day with a walk along Millennium Bridge back towards Liverpool Street with St Paul’s in our midst, I felt already on cloud nine. This – if you want to copy it my friends – comprised the happiest day of my life.


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