Richmond | London

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On Saturday Ben and I headed to one of my parts of London – Richmond. It is a beautiful oasis on the river, just past Chiswick and Kew (also lovely parts of the world). We have memories here from our days of living in nearby Chiswick, however moving north to Stortford we’ve not been able to visit since!

We arrived after a rainstorm on Saturday – the air fresh and the sun shining. After checking in at our hotel, the Bingham, an witnessing a small backyard wedding (!!) we walked down to the main streets of the town. Richmond is stunning in the sunshine! After wandering in and out of shops, we found ourselves along the Thames and decided to walk back to the hotel along this lovely stretch of river.

At night, we jumped on the opportunity to have local craft beer in the Craft Beer Cellar which was properly packed – and shared a pint of IPA which was delicious.

As I left early the next morning for Russia, Ben stayed on in Richmond to enjoy a few more of the sites, as well as reminisce in our old home town of Chiswick.


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