St Petersburg | Russia

20141008-083502 am-30902243.jpg

20141008-083503 am-30903843.jpg

20141008-083508 am-30908042.jpg

20141008-083506 am-30906395.jpg

20141008-083500 am-30900348.jpg

What a wonderful opportunity! After a successful store opening in Kazan, the team flew to St Petersburg to present new store concepts to the client. Whilst I hate flying and it is probably one of the most stressful things I endure, the joy of touching down in a new country with new culture is enough to keep me going. And Russia is such a different place!

But I surprisingly love it.

I must say that it helps immensely going around with a good friend and translator. I fear I have only been able to pick up ‘Please’ on this trip, but I have added it to my repertoire of words quickly. How strange that a passion for learning this difficult and strange language has already engulfed me! I have been looking at courses ever since I have returned.

We did not get to spend much time in the city as we were with the client most hours, but I certainly saw a lot of it from the taxi window. We did go on a night walk to the old palace, which is now the world famous Hermitage Museum. It is a stunning site, even at night – and such a brilliant green by day!

And we stayed at the W Hotel, which I must say was well appointed and very close to the museum and other churches.

So sorry for the bad image quality as night shots aren’t the best on an iPhone! But I had to share the beauty with you.


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