Axbridge | Somerset

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My favourite county. Somerset. What a great place. All of my favourite memories are from this part of England, some of the happiest days and weekends I have spent in the company of this beautiful English countryside. And this past weekend was no exception.

I got down to the old Medieval town of Axbridge on Friday night – weary eyed and thirsty for a glass of wine or a cold cider (can’t pass up the cider in Somerset!). Ben and my friends hired out a B&B all to ourselves. It is called the Compton House and it is the most beautiful home. They have the comfiest beds! We all said so. Each room had an ensuite as well – which was great for the couples. We had about 13 or 14 in total, and it was the perfect size.

Axbridge as a town is beautiful. On Saturday, we went on a small walk through the town. Now – here’s why I love Somerset so much. Not only is the countryside one of the most beautiful in England with its green rolling hills and apple orchards, or that the villages are the most perfectly preserved pieces of history, but the people are the friendliest I have ever encountered. Anywhere in the world.

Let me remind you that it was in the lovely Somerset village of Shepton Beauchamp that Ben and I were welcomed to the community by a lovely lady we met at the local choir concert – who then proceeded to introduce us to her friends. I was practically in tears. I fucking love this county.

As we walked aimlessly through the beautiful village, we glanced over to see a cute site – a small box office stall inside a building. It was the box office for the Roxy Cinema – the smallest cinema in England. It seats 30, with room for a love seat at the back for a bit of romance. It also has a fully stocked bar. What a find! As we were awing the cuteness of it all, the owner walked outside and asked us to come in and promptly gave us a tour of the lovely place. Told us all about it history and how it started. And never once was there a sales pitch or being mad that we didn’t purchase a movie ticket. She was just so happy to show us around and tell us her story.

And we had the same thing happen just a bit further down the road at the Almshouse Tea House. The owner was the sweetest gentleman who was so proud of his business (which was doing amazingly good trade!) and his venue’s history. It still has many of the original features – 1450 stands out in my mind as it’s date – but I’ll have to confirm that one.

A tour of Somerset should be on someone’s bucket list. I want to live here.


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