Hatfield Forest | Essex


My current musings :

I am sitting here on a train after a Monday at work filled with overtime. My train is delayed, stuck between two stations for nearly an hour now. We move slowly each time the engine restarts, shutting down shortly after, and we grind to a halt once more. What’s worse is that this is a Monday. I have four more days of this journey to make, and more than one of those times will be a similar dark and dreary situation.

And I was truly having a nice day for once. Was.

So now I’m reflecting back on a brisk walk through Hatfield forest, hand in hand with my darling, and joined by three good friends and a newborn baby (not ours, theirs). How peaceful the countryside seemed that day, how calm I was, how far away work felt. How simple life seems when in the company of a baby and gazing upon untouched landscape.

So to keep me awake and make me smile, I think of my husband-to-be and his goddaughter – and the serenity of English countryside. X



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