Farringdon and Clerkenwell | London





At the weekend, Ben and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. 5 years! To celebrate, we headed into the great city for a day out, starting with a walk to the Museum of London.
Neither Ben nor myself had been to the museum before (free, by the way, as many of the great Lindon museums are) so we didn’t know what to expect. 

Inside was a large collection of artefacts from Londons history, from before the Romans arrived over 2000 years ago until current day. They have a life size Victorian walk, clothing, jewellery, signet rings, bones, maps, and my personal favourite, the Olympic Caldron from London 2012. It was a fantastic display.
Overall I’d say it took 3 hours to go through the museum in its entirety, and at the weekend the area surrounding the museum is calm and quiet.
After the Museum, we headed to The Modern Pantry for afternoon tea in which we had prosecco, and bite sized sandwiches and scones and brownies that were so scrumptious I could have had more. 

 The area around is great for a walk and only about 20 minutes on foot from Liverpool Street Station, and so lovely and quiet on weekends that I’d recommend a visit for the tourist fed up with tourists or the Londoner wanting some calm in the heart of the city.


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