Copenhagen | Denmark



This past holiday weekend, Ben and I decided to get away from our English lives and visit a new city. After much debate, we narrowed in on the Scandinavian city of Copenhagen! I jumped at the bit as it has been on my bucket list for ages… And away we went!

We flew in early Friday morning with the intention to stay for 4 whole days. This is more than enough time to see everything you want in the city- I’d say you could even do it in 3! But we were happy to take our time with the sites. We stayed in an AirBnB apartment in Christianshavn which was a short walk to all of the main attractions. It allowed us to really relax and eat in, which saved us a lot of money in the long run!

One thing I’ll start out saying is that many people find Copenhagen expensive. And it is, in one sense. But Ben and I found that if you were savvy with where you went to eat and drink, it was really equivalent to what you would get in any major city. We had a beer right off the main walkway and it came to around £4. We had an amazing sandwich with homemade bread at the coolest little cafe called the Next Door Cafe for only £5. You can go into the Nationalmuseet and up the tower of the Christiansborg Palace for free. And, as I always say, walking is the best way to see a city! We went on this free walking tour and had the best time!

Now, the city is known for being cycle friendly. Everyone is on bikes! It looked like so much fun. Ben and I decided to get in on some of the active energy and on Sunday went for a long run around the Kastellet and paused for a bit at the Little Mermaid Statue (my favourite fairy tale!). It was the best run along the water. We barely felt the miles as we put them on! I highly recommend it. If running is not your thing, grab a bike!

The city is lined with rows and rows of beautiful architecture and colourful buildings. I was in love! And all of the cute boutiques and design shops tempt you to spend all of your money… The objects are beautiful so I cannot say no to that! We walked away with two hanging metal wire candle holders and a carafe. No regrets.

I highly recommend a visit for a long weekend! This beautiful city will not disappoint. X


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