Copenhagen | Denmark



Part 2! 

Here is my summary of the trip in 5 tips:

1) Stay in an AirBnB location that is not in the inner city. Reason for that? All of the main attractions are located next to each other for the most part, so Ben and I had no reason to head over to Norrebro or Vesterbro. We explored Christianshavn mostly because we were staying there!  And it was great to have that as an option.

2) Get active! Ben and I loved our run around the Kastellet and our walking tour. There are bikes, kayaks, boats, and walking trails all over the city. Get involved!

3) Nationalmuseet was well worth the visit. It’s free, well laid out, and filled with history.

4) We didn’t get a chance to go up the tower at Christiansborg Palace, so we paid 25kr and went up the Rundetarn instead. It was well worth the small amount of cash for the view at the top!

5) Nyhavn is gorgeous and one of the best places to sit along the harbour in the sunshine. Grab beers from the local shop along with some nibbles and have a mini picnic. It will save you a fortune rather than going for the pricey restaurants along the sides and you get the same view!

Just my opinion of course! See Copenhagen Part 1 here. X


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