City of London | London


Not to boast, but I would say I have one of the best commutes for a London worker. I start early, as I live outside of the city about halfway to Cambridge. So around 7:30 I head out of my lovely little flat I share with my fiancé, and walk four minutes down the road to our local train station. At this point, there is not much to share. My train station is bog standard, the walk to it fast and mostly through a parking lot. My trains are clean and fast, and I always get a window seat facing forwards at a table (I am a creature of habit after all). 

At 8:20am I arrive into Liverpool Street station among crowds of commuters, and it is here that the best part of my commute begins: 

I walk from Liverpool Street Station to Southwark.

It’s a 25 minute walk at a good pace. This sounds long when you say it out loud, but trust me, it goes by quickly. I walk through the middle of the City of London, past the Bank of England, the Royal Exchange, with the tall towers like the Gerkin, Cheese-Grater, and Walkie Talkie in the background. I pass over Bank and Mansion House, the home of the Lord Mayor. I wander through old cobbled roads near tucked away pubs and wind up on Southwark Bridge to walk over the Thames. To my left is the City, the Shard, and Tower Bridge. To my right is St Paul’s, Millenium Bridge, the Globe Theatre, and the Tate Modern.

When England is basked in sunshine, this is where you need to linger. London always makes me smile.

Just thought I’d share! What are your favourite walks through the city?  X


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