River Stort | Hertfordshire & Essex



The sun was shining brightly on Monday morning, and brighter than usual. It was a bank holiday. All hail days off work! The sun was warm, the breeze was calm, and the sky was nearly cloudless. You cannot ask for better weather in the beginning of May.

So around 11 am, when Ben would be with his third class of the day and I would be slogging away at my desk, Ben and I gleefully headed to the nearby river for a walk down to Sawbridgeworth – the next town down only 4 miles away.

I had always seen the river walk from the train on my commute, and I loved how it wound its way around the grassy countryside. It almost flirted with the train tracks at times, which enticed me even more. I was always afraid of going on the path alone, as it always looked deserted except for the occasional canal boat. 

Well – it certainly wasn’t deserted on Monday afternoon! It had a lovely flow of people, runners, cyclists, families, dogs, and kayakers on the river. Everyone was out. (One of the things I do love about this country is that on sunny days everyone takes advantage of the good weather and countryside. Everyone!) 

Ben and I only made it halfway to Sawbridgeworth before turning around, but we would have happily kept on the trail. It’s already earmarked for our next long run as it was so scenic and quiet. You ca also rent boats and canoes to explore the river on – and you can watch the canal boats navigate the locks (which might not sound exciting but it is incredibly intriguing).


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