6 things I love about England


1) The green countryside that just seems to go on forever, with its rolling hills and yellow flowers. And the fact that apart from London, you are never really that far away from it. It has public footpaths throughout its fields, and with a pair of Hunter boots, you can embark on a countryside walk of so much beauty and silence it will inspire you.

2) PUBS. The culture of the pub is dear to me – it’s the coffee house but with beer. A relaxed vibe, good ales, calm atmosphere (most times) is all I ask for in my pub. Log fires? Sure. Beer garden in the sun? I’ll take it. And there is no other country in the world who has this nor can mimic it successfully. I once went home and walked (over a half mile!) to the local bar. Greasy men, beer taps unseen, loud sports on TV, lack of comfy seating, and no pint equivalent made me miss the English pub even more.

3) I bloody love cricket. I love the atmosphere, the game, the crowds, the commentators (TMS is my favourite thing to listen to on the radio), the people, the sportsmanship, the players, the equipment. It is the most English game to have ever Englished – and I love it for that.

4) The public transport. It is efficient (on good days), safe, and can connect you with most parts of the UK no problemo. Trips to the seaside? Check. The North? Check. Cornwall? Check. What more could you ask for?

5) It’s quirky towns that have adorable old houses and at least three pubs. I adore the high street and how everything is walkable – no need for your gas-guzzling 4x4s here! Everyone is out and walking.

6) The BBC – say no to commercials! I am now so spoiled. No longer can I watch tv or listen to a radio station that has commercials. The great BBC churns out show after show that is intelligent, unbiased, and entertaining. My favourite programmes are BBC productions: The Great British Bake Off and Sherlock. My favourite radio shows are on the BBC: Kermode & Mayo Film Review and TMS (of course!). I can’t live without it anymore.

And that’s not even the half of it. I adore this great country! X


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