Mousehole | Cornwall


On our fourth day in this magnificent county, Ben and I decided to do something a bit different. Instead of choosing one single place to visit, we would travel along the coast from Penzance to Lands End, stopping off at any towns that took our fancy.

The first town that did was Mousehole.

What a lovely little harbour town, tucked away between Nyhavn and Lamorna Cove. The hills reminded me of a miniature St Ives (my favourite) and it was filled with lovely shops and galleries. Ben and I stopped off here for a lovely cream tea and coffee, which I always recommend. We strolled around the side streets and even came across a little jam stand in front of someone’s house. They had all of these homemade jams and chutneys, with only a small courtesy box. I love the honesty of such a gesture, and indeed many Cornish houses had them. So Ben and I walked away with a jam and chutney, plopping a fiver into the box for good measure.

We have since had the jam and it was lovely!

This town is definitely worth the visit.


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