Lamorna Cove | Cornwall

After we enjoyed our coffee and cream tea at Mousehole, we wandered in the car to Lamorna Cove, recommended to us by a local.

It was very out of the way by car, and as I found out later, could have been easily walked to from Mousehole. We parked in a small parking lot, and got out to explore the cove. 

Now, on TripAdvisor this cove has low ratings as there is only one cafe and one shop with absolute tat, and the parking lot is guarded by a stickler for the time. All of this is true, but if you bring your own food and entertainment (as we did), this cove is a beautiful haven for relaxation and tranquility. 

We wandered up the cliff face to a lovely memorial bench where we sat and enjoyed the quiet. It is nearly completely obstructed from view, and only a poorly maintained path leads you up to it. In a way it makes it even more special as we perched above the cars and had uninterrupted views. A walk back to Mousehole, and it is a perfect diversion.


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