Seaford Half Marathon | East Sussex


Earlier this month, Ben and I ran our second half marathon, this time in Seaford and the South Downs. When we signed up for this challenge back in miserable February, we didn’t really think about it much. We wanted it for the views we were promised to get of the beautiful Sputh Downs and chalky cliffs of Seven Sisters. We wanted it for the stimulation of a training regime to get us back into fitness. What we didn’t want was the immensely difficult course and excruciating hills.

We got all of the above, especially the latter.

Now let me just say that whilst Ben and I aren’t the most professional of runners, we still have what we think Is a relatively good level of fitness. We can wake up tomorrow and run 8 miles with little to no problem. But the hills… The hills nearly killed us!

This was a tough half marathon. But what it lacked in ease it made up for in stunning views of the English countryside. There were moments on the course, when I had my runner’s euphoria especially, that I wanted to scream about how much I loved England and how beautiful it was. I’m glad I refrained as everyone would have thought I was a freak, but it really does spark a raw emotion.

I would have stopped to take photos – but I would have never finished the race. 

We had a wonderful Sunday roast to celebrate at The Cuckmere Inn – a great little pub that overlooked the valley we had just ran through. What an achievement.


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