Regents Canal | London

I’ve spoken about this London waterway before as a great place to walk or bike in Central London, with beautiful sights and a sense of calm from the busy city. It is a beautiful part of London. 

So beautiful in fact, that we took a canal cruise on it to celebrate a good friend’s upcoming marriage. A group of 12 girls including myself boarded the barge called ‘Hidden Depths’ to have drinks, nibbles, and celebrations. We met the cruise at Granary Square just behind Kings Cross & St Pancras station. We had a small picnic on the AstroTurf stairs before boarding the ship and meeting the two lovely ladies who would be taking us around the locks. They were great fun.

The views from the boat are incredible – we sailed down to Camden Lock and then back towards Islington. The locals along the walking path waved to us as we passed, and we sang loudly, everyone in great moods.

I would really recommend doing this for any celebration. We had such a great time. X


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