Bath | Somerset

I am a creature of habit. Whilst that is a good thing sometimes, like in what products I buy or what train I catch, it can also mean that I return to the familiar too often, and life can get stale because of it.

But if you keep coming back to the same place and continue to discover new and exciting things about the city, surely all is not lost but enhanced. Bath is one of those places for me. 

This is my fourth visit in my lifetime, for work this time instead of a holiday. I know the streets, the spas, the crescent, and the cathedral. What I don’t know is the beautiful River Avon that runs through the middle of town. It was here that I walked during my hour break between duties and the train home, and I discovered a whole other angle of Bath I hadn’t seen before.

I walked down a small, twisted, stone staircase on the Pulteney Bridge to the riverside. It felt special, not packed with tourists but with locals seemingly. It was quiet and calm, and the sunshine made the walk delightful. I walked down to the rugby club and around the river further to the next bridge, fully satisfied that I saw yet another part of the town I love so dearly. 


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