Dyrham Hall | Gloustershire 

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In an attempt to break up a long drive to one of the most beautiful parts of the UK (Cornwall… If anyone’s missed my last month of posts), I planned a stop off at the National Trust property Dyrham Hall, just off of the M4 highway nearly to Bristol and at the same turn-off as Bath. Knowing myself, I would have gladly progressed onto the great UNESCO protected city, however with a 8 hour drive ahead of us, Bath was too much of a time commitment. Thus we find ourselves on a beautiful, sunny afternoon in Gloustershire.

The grounds are stunning: rolling hills very common in that part of the country, a large deer park, city views in the distance, and a Manor House with manicured gardens. The house is currently under refurbishment, and you can explore the work the National Trust are undertaking in order to conserve the roof specifically. The grounds are lovely and large, with great walks and views of the countryside. You can’t even see the house when you arrive down the long driveway.. It’s tucked out of the way, around the path and down the hill.

We had the most beautiful blue skies that day, which juxtaposed against the bright green grass gave us stunning colours. Photos don’t show enough of the real thing – it was a visual delight.


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