Cambridge | Cambridgeshire 

It is very important to give yourself some ‘me’ time every once in a while. This is time just for you – to do what you want when you want to, to think things through in life, to gain perspective on things which were once driving you mad. 

So one Saturday I took myself for just this purpose to the nearby city of Cambridge.

I don’t know why I don’t go to Cambridge more often. It is just as close to me as the great city of London is.. It is cuter, less busy (but still packed with tourists), has lovely shops and canals and a lovely park – yes, why don’t I go more often?!

I arrived late morning to do a meander through the shops, grab some food, and have a mini picnic in the park looking out over the river. I walked nearly everywhere, through some of the college grounds, around the cobbled streets, wandering in and out of boutiques, and ultimately sitting down next to the river to watch punters try to turn around and tourists in the boats who looked out almost unfazed with their superb surroundings (who are these people anyways?!). My M&S sandwich and I nearly attracted some bad attention from the local swans, and my poor timing saw me sitting down at the exact same time the clouds arrived, hence beginning the on-off dance between myself and my light jacket. 

I returned to my home calm and happy with the world, and pleased that I hadn’t wasted the day in front of my iPad, which I typically find myself doing when at a loose end on a Saturday. X


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