Chardon | USA

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Chardon, Ohio – my childhood home. I spent most of my childhood here, from the age of 9 to the age of 18, when I embarked to university in Cincinnati – and never looked back. I have been traveling ever since, now living permanently in the great country of England. I haven’t come home for more than 2 or 3 weeks – but this keeps home a comforting and relaxing environment.

I was home for one week this time in the middle of July, which for this part of the USA means sunshine and heat, humidity and of course, the potential for strong storms. Proper storms as I call them – the equivalent in the UK is a small rumble in the distance.

I spent most of my days on our back deck, watching our adorable Golden Retriever dogs (Jac and Lilly) play in the backyard. Jac, the older of the two, moseyed around the lawn, stopping and sniffing when it suited him. Lilly, our puppy, has a lot more energy. She would bound around chasing balls I would throw to her, or grab rocks to play with.

It had rained a lot this year, so the grass, instead of being a dull and dead brown was a magnificent green. A green that glistened in the sunshine and that felt full and soft on your bare feet. I adored walking around barefoot. I would sit on the deck readingĀ (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the third time) and would love the hot sun on my face. It was incredibly peaceful. Barefoot, reading, sunshine, and a glass of cold water. I could have stayed in that position for days.

When the family was home, we played a human sized jenga game in the yard, and had s’mores next to bonfires. I ate incredibly well – bbq ribs, hamburgers, fettuccine alfredo, Olive Garden’s endless salad and breadsticks, ranch dressing, mochas, Sam Adams… I came back much heavier than I left.


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