Holkham Nature Reserve | Norfolk

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We got out of the car on a dirt road lined with green trees, the sun shining brightly through the branches. It was a bright morning, our first in Norfolk, and we had decided to go walking on the Nature Reserve in Holkham – down to the beach of Wells Next the Sea, and back again. We were greeted as we put on our Hunter boots by other early risers such as ourselves – dog walkers, horse riders, and couples who did not have the burden of children.

I grabbed the bag filled with our picnic lunch that we had prepared back at our cottage: tuna sandwiches, crisps, apples, and a large bottle of sparkling water. Putting this on my back, I held in my other hand my small purse – once again filled with the necessities of a day out: books for the both of us, money, umbrella, and other such things.

We headed towards the dense forest on the far side of the road and stepped out of the mud and onto a wooden slatted pathway to the sea.

The sea at the beach at Holkham is far – much farther than I had originally envisioned. The tree line disappeared down the coast towards Wells. The sandy beach continued on in front of us, still soaked from what must have been the tide only a few hours before we had gotten there. We walked confidently out to the edge of the water with our thick rubber boots – no water was about to penetrate them – and continued our slow meandering walk towards the town of Wells.

What a great spot. We feel alone out in this vast beach of nothing but sand and sea, the forest far behind you. A few families were scattered on the shoreline, but moored up on the high dunes still tens of meters from the water’s edge. We walked alone with a lovely feeling of isolation. The walk was not tough, despite being a six-mile round trip – and the scenery was breathtaking. Had it been slightly warmer, there would have been no better feeling than to sink our feet into the damp sand and wade out into the waters.


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