Wells Next the Sea | Norfolk

IMG_2439 IMG_2443 IMG_2449 IMG_2452 IMG_2458The first thing that struck me about Wells, which we came to next on our walk down from Holkham, was the beach huts. Standing proud out of the sand, these small huts were decorated with bunting, stripes, and bright paint. Some were open, fitted out with shelves and makeshift kitchens (though there was no plumbing or electricity to speak of), with beach chairs on the small balconies and children running up and down the pristine stairs into the sand below.

I adored these huts – several of them. The sand underfoot was white and soft, and it felt like I was far away from England. How much I wanted a hut of my own at that moment! To put a small single bed inside (which is illegal, I since found out) and have it as a small retreat for myself. Imagine waking up to the stillness of the Norfolk coastline and the roar of the waves, with no one there. How peaceful that would be.

We walked further into the town of Wells Next the Sea, and sat on the quayside to have our small picnic lunch. We took off our Hunter boots and dangled them over the edge, high above the water. Children crabbed next to us, lines cast down into the waters and nets following shortly after to catch small creatures and put them in their water pails as a prize. Some were actually quite big, and reminded me of the crabs I use to catch as a child in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

After lunch, we walked through the towns high street – picturesque but not filled with the type of shops I was interested in. We quickly walked through and back down the road to our car in Holkham.


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