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EuroShop 2014 | Dusseldorf

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Last week my colleague (and good friend) and I headed to Dusseldorf to represent the company at EuroShop. We had only one day to go around the various sites, targeting the big name stands such as Phillips and Visplay and walking aimlessly around others.

We were amazed at not only the products or services on show, but the amount of time and money spent on all the various stands! They were ginormous! Some of the contractors rands even had food and interactive events (one guy got his hair cut!). We were stunned.

It was a short trip- but so worth while! Even if just for the bratwurst we got to bring back for the studio. (Your welcome!) x

Frankfurt | Germany

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This weekend, my friend and I were flown out to Germany for work. The result – 6 hours with her family friend being shown about Frankfurt!

While it is not a beautiful city in any aspect (most of the city was destroyed in the war) we still had a great time. I speak absolutely no German (could only say please and thank you – and gutentag!) so I felt pretty helpless most of the time. My attempt at trying to pronounce strabe was appalling.

But having a German guide was great. We ate a massive German breakfast before walking around the city centre – ending with a glass of apple wine and apple strudel. Delicious!

Next time I think I’ll head up north to Berlin or Hamburg – he recommended them as better towns aesthetically. But my short time there definitely made me want to see more of Germany! X