Cliffs of Moher | Co. Claire

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On our second day in Ireland, we went on a bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher. We set off early from the centre of Cork on a long bus ride through Limerick, Bunratty, and the Burren until our final stop at the Cliffs.

What beautiful weather we had! We traveled with Paddywagon tours and had a wonderful guide. There were cliff walks all along the cliffs to enjoy and meander down, and spectacular views of the Aran Islands. We had a fantastic day here and I would highly recommend seeing the cliffs!


Blarney Castle | Co. Cork

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So! My mom is in town and we both had one thing on our bucket list – go to Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone! So on our first day in Cork, we did just that.

Blarney castle grounds are immense! There are so many flowers and great walks to do. We only saw a small bit of what the grounds had to offer: river walk, blarney castle, blarney manor, caves, poison garden, horse graveyard… We had perfect weather!

Mom almost didn’t do it – but with some coaxing from Craig and I she surely couldn’t resist! She bent over and kissed the stone like the both of us- go mom!

Had a fab time – even picked up a few treats 😉


Dublin | Ireland

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Bits of memories from my long weekend in Dublin.

We poured pits of Guinness, wandered around the streets of the town, and had a beautiful country walk in Howth.

I was disappointed to not spend more time in Ireland – Dublin was a cool city but very small. I would have much rather taken the time to discover more countryside.

Next up – a day in Paris 🙂 x