My Bucket List

Copenhagen, Denmark

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I loved this city. The people were nice, the architecture was colourful, and the coffee shops were adorable. Highlight: 6 mile run along the harbour to see The Little Mermaid statue and run on the Kastellet ramparts. See my posts on Copenhagen here.

Barcelona, Spain

For the architecture? The sunshine? The food? Maybe all of the above.

Vienna, Austria

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

Berlin, Germany

Capital city, beautiful architecture, historical importance.

Hamburg, Germany

When I was in Dusseldorf, everyone told me to go to Hamburg.

Prague, Czech Republic

I have no idea why.


For the beauty and the serenity, and the northern lights!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For the canals and bikes of course!

Stockholm, Sweden

For more Scandinavian architecture and scenery.

Zurich, Switzerland

I was this close to seeing it last year to no avail.

Alexandria, Egypt

To see the pyramids and the seat of one of the ancient civilizations.

Rome, Italy

For the food, the wine, the language, the architecture, and the coliseum!

Cinque Terre, Italy

For exactly the same reasons as Rome, except with some awsome coastline and it is close to my favourite wine region: Chianti!

Amalfi Coast, Italy

For some Italian sunshine and seaside, Naples for pizza, Pompeii for the history, and a hop over to Capri because its Capri.

Istanbul, Turkey

Simply for the Haggia Sofia.

Annecy, France

Beautiful architecture, language, food, and the wine.

Loire Valley, France

For cycle rides along the river, French chateaux, and the language.

Melbourne, Australia

Ben always talks so fondly of Melbourne. I have to go!

Cape Town, South Africa

My friend and colleague said that if you were to go to South Africa, Cape Town is the place to visit.

Kyoto, Japan

For the language, the geisha, and the cherry blossoms.

Auckland, New Zealand

For some beautiful scenery and a cheeky visit to Hobbiton?

Shanghai, China

For extreme city life and food.

Hong Kong, China

For the same as the above.

Hanoi, Vietnam

One of the most beautiful waterways in the world.

Bali, Indonesia

Currently my number one choice for the honeymoon destination. Final decision to be made soon!


For Machu Picchu, of course!


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